The Pillar To Post Difference

Our certified home inspectors conduct a thorough and objective inspection of the overall condition of the property and deliver the results to you same-day.

What You Need to Know About a Pillar To Post™ Home Inspection

Your local Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector provides you with valuable information about a property when you are in the market for a new home. They examine the structure and major systems, then provide you with their findings. You may accompany your home inspector during their examination and ask them any questions you have.

Accompany Your Inspector

Attending the home inspection provides you the opportunity to explore the property with a professional Pillar To Post™ Inspector. It is during this top-to-bottom examination of a home where you have the opportunity to ask a professional home inspector questions about components of the house. Being present and engaged during the home inspection will give you better insight into the actual condition of the home and its systems. Every house will have defects, some of them so minor they can be dealt with later. It is the more significant problems that need your attention.

Be confident in your purchase

Your Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector can help you understand the seriousness of any problems with the property. Having the correct information about the health and condition of a home empowers you to make the best possible choice when purchasing a property.

Peace of Mind

A professional home inspection provides more than an overview of the condition of a property, it provides you with peace of mind. Turn to Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors in your area today. Your local team is waiting to hear from you. Our expert inspectors are quick to respond and will schedule an inspection around your calendar.

Our Expert Home Inspectors Are Trained and Certified Professionals

A Pillar To Post™ Home Inspection Designed For You

Along with three comprehensive home inspection packages, We have added services that can be included in your home inspection to gain more insight about the property you want to purchase. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of the house, so you have all the information to make the best decision possible.

The Pillar To Post™ Difference

  • You can accompany your Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector while they conduct your home inspection
  • We provide you with the findings from your home inspection at the time of completion in a printed report and an electronic copy
  • Our home inspectors carry current licensing and certifications, are E&O insured, and remain up-to-date on local real estate laws

How Much Will Repairs or A Remodel Cost?

The Pillar To Post™ Residential Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide puts the estimated costs to upgrade or replace the major systems and components in a typical home at your fingertips.

View Estimated Cost Though Pillar To Post’s™ Residential Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide.

Download The Cost Guide Here

Booking An Inspection Is Easy

Scheduling a home inspection is quickly accomplished by following our three easy steps.

Request an Inspection

Complete the form-fill on the page and submit. Your local Pillar To Post™ team will respond shortly.

Select a Time

Select a time for the home inspection that works for you.

The Inspection

A Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector examines the major systems of the home and provides any additional services you specified in your booking.

Take the first steps towards owning a new home today.

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Pillar To Post™ inspectors are E&O insured, highly trained, deliver detailed reports and take pride in helping you make clear decisions when buying or selling a home, ensuring confident home ownership™.